September 18, 2013

Little Baby Sewell, We're Ready for You!

This post is one in a series of posts I had written previously about our endeavors to have a third baby. I hadn't posted anything until now, so forgive me for the information dump. We now know we are having our third baby girl, though we haven't settled on a name yet. More to come, that's for sure!

February 2013-When our doctor came into his office to see us yesterday he immediately led with the fact that he recommended we use the frozen embryo we had in storage and wanted to know why we had decided not to use it. We let him know that we have a maximum on our fertility benefit with our insurance (again, we're so blessed to even have insurance covering this) and we were very nervous about the low (30%) chance of successfully conceiving using a frozen embryo versus the slightly higher (50%) chance of conceiving with a fresh cycle. He explained to us that for couples who have no infertility issues and who attempt to conceive at the exact right moment in a woman's cycle, the natural chances, best case scenario, for conception are only 15%. Using the frozen embryo provides a 30% chance of success, which is twice the rate that it is in nature. Those are actually really good odds for someone in my case who is young (25) and who has no fertility issues. While the fresh cycle does provide a 50% chance of success, the cost is more than double what it is for a frozen cycle. After considering all of this, Matt and I decided to proceed with the frozen embryo transplant. By doing this, we will still have enough left on our benefit for another attempt at a fresh cycle if this one doesn't take, and it's likely that we will produce excess embryos during that fresh cycle and will be able to attempt another frozen cycle if it comes down to it.

Our doctor did not explain why he had hesitated allowing us to proceed, but I think that he wanted to talk with us about the potential of using our frozen embryo. The frozen transfer is much less invasive, is much easier on my body, requires fewer medications and is less expensive. The drawback is that there is a lower chance of success with the cycle. Luckily, the office had not done anything with our frozen embryo yet (we signed the release papers a couple of weeks ago) since our doctor had asked them to hold off on processing it until our consultation. They confirmed that our embryo is safe and sound.

He did tell us that he has not spoken with all of his partners in the practice yet but that he did speak to his most conservative partner who told him that he has no reservations about allowing us to proceed with the frozen (or fresh) cycle. He let us know that it is policy for patients to undergo a psychiatric consult prior to starting a cycle using a third party transfer (this is still weird to me, but whatever). His nurse (one that I had previously worked with on my last cycle who is awesome! yay!) gave us the number for the psychiatrist that their office refers to and we have an appointment with her schedule for the end of March.

Essentially, we have begun our cycle! In about a week and a half I will begin one medication for the cycle and we'll be off! We plan to do our embryo transplant around May 15th! Our nurse said that as long as we are cleared by the psychiatrist before they thaw our embryo we are good to proceed. I have no doubt that we'll pass that with flying colors!

Little Baby Sewell, we're ready for you!

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