September 18, 2013

Baby Sewell-Making Our Case

This post is one in a series of posts I had written previously about our endeavors to have a third baby. I hadn't posted anything until now, so forgive me for the information dump. We now know we are having our third baby girl, though we haven't settled on a name yet. More to come, that's for sure!

February 2013-Like I give up anything I'm after without a fight. 

Although no one has directly told me to give up my plans to continue to build my family, it was a serious emotional blow when I learned that my doctors office had reservations about allowing Matt and I to proceed with our cycle.

Laying wide awake in bed last night, I realized that if the clinic is worried about the legalities of the procedure then I might do well to familiarize myself with Utah's laws surrounding assisted reproductive technology (ART).

One of our many wonderful benefits through Matt's company is that we have access to legal services. I asked Matt to send me the information I'd need to contact someone who works in family law and this afternoon I spoke with a local lawyer. I told him that there wasn't anything in particular I was worried about, from a legal standpoint, but that I wanted to make sure that I understood what my rights are and what the law says about our specific situation. After explaining my story to him he said that it doesn't sound like we'll have any trouble, legally, going through with this, but he did ask me to come in and meet with him next week. He said that he wanted some time to do a little bit more research just to make sure that we won't have an issue and he wants to go over all of the details with me in person.

I'm scheduled to meet with him this coming Monday in the afternoon before our appointment with our doctor on Tuesday.

My concern is that there will be something hidden in the ART laws here that surround posthumous conception--that might be the ONLY place we have an issue. I called our cryobank and requested copies of all of the forms Sean and I have signed regarding his banked sperm and they will be sending that to me in time for my meeting with the lawyer. This way I have all of the documents in front of me that declare me as the legal owner of Sean's banked sperm.

I'm hopeful that the lawyer will have nothing but good news, and I'm hopeful that once I fully understand what the laws here say, that I can use that information to convince our doctor that what we want to do is well within our rights, that there is nothing unethical or immoral about our decision, and that all we want to do is take the next step in growing our family. 

It's already so exhausting and I haven't even started with the needles yet!

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