September 18, 2013

Baby Sewell-Moving Forward

This post is one in a series of posts I had written previously about our endeavors to have a third baby. I hadn't posted anything until now, so forgive me for the information dump. We now know we are having our third baby girl, though we haven't settled on a name yet. More to come, that's for sure!

March 2013-After getting the go-ahead from our fertility doctor at our last appointment, we then started to look forward to what the next steps in this whole process would be. I was diagnosed in January with an ovarian cyst, which are totally commonplace for many many women, so the first thing was to make sure that by my next cycle the cyst had gone away on its own. I went in for an ultrasound to check its progress last Friday, March 15th and all was well! Yay!

Now we deal with signing paperwork, paying off billing, and I have begun a 30-day regimen of active birth control pills to prevent ovulation from occurring naturally. I'll have a saline sonogram in a couple of weeks to make sure that my oven is bun-ready and then if everything is proceeding as it should, I'll begin the cycle officially by starting estrogen and progesterone. We're aiming for a mid-May implant (frozen embryo transfer) and we should know by early June if the cycle has been successful! 

This is all on my mind all of the time but we've been distracting ourselves with house-hunting for the past few weeks and that has worked really well. Since we decided to build, I'm sure I'll keep busy with planning finishes and checking in with the construction progress. Matt will keep busy with work, and hopefully the girls will start getting excited to have a new sissy or bubba soon! I'm so ready to add to our amazing family and to do it in this way--it just couldn't be more perfect!

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