September 18, 2013

Baby GIRL Sewell

September 18, 2013-This morning I went in for an ultrasound at my OB's office. I'm 18 weeks along today which means I have roughly 5 months left before our baby is here. The ultrasound went fine and the baby looks great! We confirmed that we're having our third girl! She's measuring just a few days ahead of schedule, but that is welcome news for me since Sophie and Olivia were so small when they were born. 

Matt and I were both hoping for a boy, but we both know that we are good at raising girls so this little one will fit right into our family, no problem. The girls are excited about having a baby sissy, and I don't think it will be as much as an adjustment for them as having a boy would have been, so I'm thankful for that too. Plus we have a plethora of girly things to get us started with this little one, and that's a huge benefit! 

We have a few names picked out and on our list of frontrunners but we haven't decided anything at this point. I'm ready to pull the trigger but Matt wants to take our we'll get there eventually. We'll be sure to announce our selection as soon as we get it nailed down! We don't even have any silly nicknames to call her...I guess we're lame like that.

I think that most of you knew I was pregnant before this point, but in case you didn't...surprise! Haha! My first trimester was...very first-trimester like. I had lots of fatigue, lots of nausea, lots of vomiting, and almost no comfort or peace for a good 3 months. Those horrible feelings are fading though, and I'm starting to feel very second-trimestery! I have my energy back, which is great since I'm getting into the thick of my busy season for work, and I'm able to keep up with the girls much better than before, and I know they appreciate that.

Being pregnant while chasing around toddlers has been a whole new experience for me, but I've had amazing help from my family and my wonderful husband so we've all made it through unscathed so far. 4 months down, 5 to go! Baby Girl Sewell, we'll see you soon!

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