October 2, 2013

Sophie and Olivia Turn 3!

I asked the girls back in July what they wanted to do for their birthday party this year. They both agreed--they wanted a monster party! At that time, they were really into watching Monsters Inc, and when we took them to see Monsters University, that just sealed the deal. So, at the beginning of September, I got busy planning their monster party. 

Things came together slowly, but surely, and I'm sure it was torture for the girls seeing all of their decorations and party things around the house but not being able to have fun with any of it yet. I kept reminding them, "these are for your birthday party, you can have them on your birthday" and that sort of became a mantra around here. 

We had their party this past Sunday, on the 29th, which was their actual birthday. Their Aunt Stephanie had flown in from Florida the night before to be with us, so we waited on her! :) We had a blast and our little house was filled to the MAX with friends and family who came to celebrate our little monsters. We had treats and games and had coloring and monster-mask-making stations for the kids to enjoy. I think the grown-ups enjoyed watching all of the kids go at everything, and after it was all over we were all thoroughly worn out, which meant that it all went very well. 

The girls enjoyed themselves and loved every minute of their long-awaited party, so it made all of the prep worth it. Let's see what they have in store for me next year!