September 18, 2013

Baby Sewell--Pregnant!

This post is one in a series of posts I had written previously about our endeavors to have a third baby. I hadn't posted anything until now, so forgive me for the information dump. We now know we are having our third baby girl, though we haven't settled on a name yet. More to come, that's for sure!

June 2013-Since my last post, we decided to go ahead with a frozen embryo transfer using the third and last embryo produced from my first IVF cycle with Sean. We had our required appointment with the psychiatrist and the conversation basically went like this:

"It's nice to meet you two. I don't really know why you're here."
"Us either."
"Okay well let me sign this off for you, and good luck with your cycle!"

Yep. I'm just glad to have had validation from at least ONE professional handling our case.

After we got started with the cycle (meaning I had begun meds to prep my body for the transfer) I learned from my saline sonogram that the uterine polyps I had had removed a mere 6 months prior had returned. This meant that I would need a small surgery to remove the I did that. It went fine, but the emotional toll it took on me was strong. I just wanted to get going with this cycle and as if dealing with critical and judgmental doctors and staff hadn't been taxing enough, I was all of a sudden dealing with new (albeit, mild) fertility issues of my own that had never existed before. It was frustrating to say the least.

I continued on my IVF meds after the surgery was done and after a couple more checks, we got the go-ahead to start the next steps of the cycle. This involved taking more drugs. I learned that since my last IVF cycle, they had come up with a new way to deliver the progesterone that I would need so instead of sticking gigantic needles in my buttcheeks every day, I got to experience a much less painful delivery of the medication.

The meds made me crazy sick and hormonal, but at least they got me to implant day. On June 3rd Matt and I went in for our frozen embryo transfer. They gave me some lovely sedatives, thawed our little one, and completed the transfer. Matt had to leave out of town for business later that day...the whole time frame was so crazy, but when he got back that weekend he suggested I take a pregnancy test to see if anything was happening yet.

Sooo I did it again...I tested a whole week early. I couldn't help myself! The test was positive! Baby Sewell Due February 2014 (hopefully just one this time!)

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