March 17, 2012


This past week, the girls have really gotten into using and hauling around sippy-cups. This is the first time that they've really used them, since when they turned 1 and I took them off their bottles, they went straight to using regular cups. I've integrated their sippy-cups into our outings: trips to the park, the science museum, church, etc. Now, they ask for them after their nap and they don't let go of them until they're either empty or they get distracted with something more enthralling (which doesn't happen a lot). 

I was hesitant to transition from bottles to sippy-cups because a lot of the non-spill designs have valves that require sucking, much like drinking from a bottle, so I felt as though they would not be far enough away from the bottle-drinking to improve on their development. I did have a couple of cups, though, that have straws at the top instead of valves and they are still no-spill, which I love, even though they mostly only get water inside their cups. I decided I could give into their constant whines for the colorful cups since they have mastered drinking from a regular cup (with assistance, although Sophie can do it by herself if she's being supervised; Olivia has no interest yet) and because drinking from a straw is something they should be able to do anyway. 

Sophie first mastered the art of straw-sucking while we were in the car this past week. She'd take a noisy slurp and then let out boisterous giggles as she was so proud of herself for being able to do it! Olivia, in her true fashion, studied what her sissy was doing with the sippy-cup, and once Sophie had put hers down, Olivia snatched it up and went right at it! She didn't miss a beat!

Now they both love drinking out of their sippy-cups and when Sophie asks for a "dink!", I know to put her beverage inside her cup with the straw. 

We took the girls, and their sippy-cups, on an outing this morning to the Boston Science Museum, where we have a membership. When it was snack time, we whipped out the sippy-cups and their honey-nut cheerios and let them at it. 

Here, you can see the straw in the top of the cup, like I was describing.

Snack: honey-nut cheerios and water from their sippy-cups


I'm actually relieved to be able to just hand them their sippy-cups now, and not have to worry about handing them an open cup every time they want a sip of milk or water. They're getting so big so quickly! This momma's just trying to keep up!

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