March 13, 2012

Playtime at the Park

For the past two days, the weather here in Boston has been right around 70! It has been beautiful so the girls and I have spent the last two afternoons at our favorite park in Somerville. Yesterday I met a woman with twin boys the same age as Sophie and Olivia. She and I chatted for a bit while the kiddos played near each other. She was at the park this afternoon as well and it was nice to have a friendly face to recognize on the playground--or anywhere in this strange city, for that matter. 

The girls' activity of choice for yesterday consisted of pushing/riding one of the little carts that they keep at the park for kids to share...and by pushing and riding, I mean that Olivia was pushing while Sophie was riding! It was adorable and hilarious!

Today's adventure in the park was a special treat for all of us since Matt was able to join us for our afternoon outing. We snapped a few photos with our iPhones to show how our afternoon played out:

Thanks to Nana who sent the girls special Valentine's Day sweatshirts!

Sophie loves the ride down

And wants to get right back on!

They played with the colored rings for a while and Matt stood on one side, me on the other, to make sure they didn't fall anywhere! This playground is great for little kids, but mine are still on the little-little side in terms of being a good size to handle the equipment.

She wanted to stay and play...

...until suddenly she didn't anymore.

They had a lot of dirt in their shoes from playing with the sand...and we all know how Mommy feels about that. They wanted to take their shoes off so I said "ok" because we were in Daddy's car!

The girls love being in the car and car rides usually produce some pretty silly sounds or faces from the backseat. In this case, we were treated to both!

"Sophie, what does an elephant say?"

"Sophie, what does a monkey say?"

"Sophie, what does a lion say?"

"Sophie, what does a wolf say?"

We love trips to the park! We take along a snack and drink in the diaper bag, and the girls get time to just let loose (although they never wander far off) and Mommy gets to sit and take it all in. Fun times!

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  1. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the most adorable blog ever!
    Also, I loved the animal noise pictures of Sophie. You can totally tell what sound she's making by the shape of her mouth!