March 24, 2012


One of my favorite things about owning a smart phone, namely the iPhone 4, is all of the photography apps that are available at the App Store. I won't get into all of the other things that I love about my iPhone...and all of my other Apple products, to boot, in this post. I'll save that for another time. My favorite photography app by far is Instagram. I don't take advantage of the app to its fullest--I don't share my Instagram photos through the app, as I tend to upload them to Facebook most of the time, but I love the filters and editing features that it offers for the photos I have on my phone. The feel that it gives is very different than my personal editing style when it comes to my photography, but I like the way the app can help tell a story with the photos that I've taken, which is my aim in the first place. So, naturally, this post will feature pictures that I've taken with my iPhone and have edited using the Instagram app. Enjoy!

The four of us found ourselves at the park again this afternoon. It wasn't as warm today as it has been, but it was nice enough to be outside, at least for a while. 

How did Sophie's face end up like this?

From stuffing her face with fishies like this, and this & this.

We started off by having a snack out on the baseball field.

Even with a face-full of goldfish crackers, her daddy still couldn't resist stealing a kiss!

Olivia decided that Mommy should have a snack too!

It was so sweet of her to share with me!

I asked Matt to take some pictures of me with the girls on my phone, since I rarely ever get to be in photos with them! It seems like I'm always behind the camera, which is usually where I prefer to be, but every now and then I'll wish I had a good shot with the three of us together. So...he obliged. 

And after many, many shots (although only a few are posted here), I'd had enough!

I wanted to get a good picture with me and Sophie, but she wouldn't hold still so I decided that a smother-from-mother would just have to do!

Later, after we had moved on from the baseball field, Olivia decided she wanted to be particularly particular about where she had her next bite of goldfish. She walked all the way around the park to an empty table and made herself comfortable, where she then demanded that I give her more of her snack! Luckily she gave me some cheese in return for those cheesy goldfish crackers she was getting...

The girls soon discovered a sand-pit that had buckets and shovels all ready to go! Many of you know that one of the things I dislike the most is grittiness and I could feel my blood pressure and heart rate increasing as I watched the girls dump bucket after bucket of sand on themselves and each other. My feet took a pretty serious hit too, but I got these darlings shots and it made the whole thing worth it!

They really enjoyed themselves today, and that's what we had been hoping for. Matt and I were treated to an afternoon of giggles and cheesy-goldfish smiles!

Here are some other photographs from last weekend that I processed using Instagram as well. I could have added these to the sippy-cup post, but we were at a park on the Charles River near the Boston Science Museum. And, since this was a post about my Instagram photos (although the ones that show in this post don't even scratch the surface of the collection I have), and involved referencing our day at the park again, I figured I'd add these photos with this post as well. 

Here's Matt with the girls along the river's edge. Don't worry, my children can't fit through the railing...although their sippy-cups can. We discovered this tragically as Sophie dropped hers with a satisfying "splash!" into the Charles River. Lucky for her (or more for us), we had an extra one at home that looked just like it!

Sophie raced to the bottom of this hill, and so I followed her. Matt stayed behind with the family slow-poke. 

 A couple hours and minus-one sippy-cup later, it was time to head back home, and the girls who normally make silly faces for me when I pull out my phone to take their pictures, didn't even notice that I was snapping away. 

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