November 1, 2012

They're Two!

Let's be real, the "terrible-two's" started at 15 months. That's right when we moved to Boston, and it's safe to say we had a lot on our plate. But, we've adapted, learned to deal, and even learned how to have fun and get along. I love my sweet girlies SO much-- it hurts my heart. They amaze me every day at the new things they learn, how much their abilities grow, and just when I think I couldn't possibly love them more.....they throw a monster tantrum and I'm right. Haha. Just kidding. 

Their favorite things include playing with play-dough, filling buckets with toys and dumping them out, reading "bob-pop" aka Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss, coloring with crayons, watching Curious George and Caillou, eating noodles, helping mommy make cookies, and taking off their own shoes. They love going to the park, getting dressed in the morning, playing with boats during bath time, visiting Aunt Joni and Aunt Laura, and cuddling with Mommy and Daddy. They say everything, which amuses me. They are getting brave and curious, which terrifies me. They are some serious sour-patch kids--sour and grouchy or ornery one minute, sweet and cuddly the very next! I wake up in the morning to calls of "Mommeeeee, Daddeeeeee" coming from their room, and they have started addressing me as "Mommy" which I absolutely love and can't get enough of. They ask for help, say "oh no!" and say "please and thank you" most of the time. They sit in "big chairs" to eat, use forks and spoons, still wear bibs, and drink out of cups all by themselves. It's so amazing to see them interact with each other--having a sissy is one of the best things in the world...even if they take your toys and give you tackle-hugs all the time.

The girls went in for their 2 year well-child visit and got shots for Hep A and the flu vaccine. (Again, yes, we vaccinate our children, and again, you're welcome.) Olivia has lots of stranger anxiety these days and will straight up throw-down a full-blown two-year-old-tantrum right in the middle of wherever we happen to be. Sometimes it's the grocery store, or the mall, or the park, or the hallway in our apartment building. I try to curb these tantrums with pep talks about how we're going to go into the store and there will be people there that she doesn't know, but that's okay because they're shopping too, just like us. I explain to her that it's okay if they look at her and say hi, and that Mommy is here with her the whole time and if she doesn't like people talking to her, that's okay, but it's not okay to scream while we're in the store. She gets it, and she's really actually great about trying her very hardest to comply with her tattered mother's wishes. Anyway, this visit to the doctor was an hour-long tantrum for her, and it even started to upset Sophie. Sophie is very intuitive but is usually the calmer of the two. Olivia wasn't happy, so Sophie wasn't happy. In the end, they enjoyed their stickers and quick trip to the park right after, and I enjoyed their nap time as soon as we got home. 

Their two-year-old stats:

Sophie: 27.4 lbs, 35.5 inches (2'11.5")
Olivia: 23.3 lbs, 32.5 inches (2'8.5")

Olivia is finally on the "normal" curve of the growth chart, and I'm not sure if that's CDC or WHO. She's always been doing "fine" but hasn't ever reached that curve until now. I haven't been worried. 

I think their pediatrician is a little ridiculous though, and am incredibly anxious to return to Dr. Hurley once we are back in Salt Lake. At their last appointment, their 18-month check, I was told they were drinking too much milk and was instructed to cut back. So I did. Then, at this appointment, I was told they were drinking too little, and was instructed to give them more. Really? Her reason was to ensure they are getting enough vitamin D and I'm like, 'look lady, these guys play outside all the time. They have plenty of sun exposure and drink plenty of milk, I guarantee they are not vitamin D deficient...not even close'. I'm not a believer in milk, I don't drink it myself, and I really only give it to them because they like it. 

We had a small birthday party for the girls here, but I'll post about that in a separate post (with pictures, of course). I did a photo shoot with them, and it was incredibly challenging. At one point, Olivia toppled down some steps and landed on her head. That was an event. Matt helped me out, got them to smile some, and we just got it done. I think they turned out decently, although truly I'm not in love with this session. As their mother, I know they can do better. As a photographer, I think that given the circumstance of trying to photograph TWO toddlers together, the photos turned out pretty well. I think I was able to capture their personalities a bit, and will always treasure these photos as reminders of this stage in their lives. 

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  1. They are getting so big. I can't wait until December so I can give them lots of hugs. I love my beautiful Granddaughters!