November 26, 2012

Bye-Bye Boston!

I'm continually amazed at how much can happen in the course of a year. This past year of my life has been spent in Boston. We moved here right after Matt and I got married last December, and our last day in this town comes this weekend. It's bittersweet to be leaving, that's for sure. Of course we are thrilled to be moving back to our hometown. It will be so nice to be surrounded by friends, family and loved ones again after what has felt like a year of near solitude. But this is an amazing city, and a wonderful place to live, if you have what it takes which is apparently a social network of peers, lots of disposable income, and a high alcohol tolerance! 

The best part about living in Boston has of course been our family here. Matt's sister Joni and her wife, Laura have been amazing to live around. We have loved every moment we've spent with them, and have made a lot of lasting memories together over our time here. Sophie and Olivia get so excited when we tell them we're going to "go see Linus"! We will miss them terribly when we leave! We are constantly encouraging them to come visit us in Utah. 

This past year, the girls have grown up so much! I look at photographs of them taken when we first lived here, and they are so different now, yet so much the same. It's amazing to watch their personalities develop, to see their abilities expand, and to see their knowledge grow! They are the greatest daughters I could ever ask for, and having been able to spend so much time with them this year has been the biggest blessing.

We'll miss doing all of our favorite things here when we move! We'll miss going to the science museum, the north point park, the "park in Somerville" aka Hodgkins-Curtin park. We'll miss Rudy's and Panza and Mike's Pastry! Oh Mike's Pastry! We'll miss the scenic and picturesque drive between our apartment and Sudbury where Joni lives. We'll miss Crane Beach, the Cambridge Side Mall, the view of the Charles from Storrow and Memorial Drive. We'll miss all of the local restaurants, shops, and businesses that make Boston feel so welcoming. 

But we won't miss Chelsea.

Living in Boston has been a wonderful experience and we certainly aren't writing off returning here in the future. For now, we're going to set up camp back in Salt Lake, and see where life takes us! We hope it lets us settle for a while at least, though!

Bye Boston. Thanks for the memories. 

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