November 3, 2012

2012-Sewell Family Photos

As a photographer, I find it difficult to get pictures taken of my entire family together. I have a million bajillion photos of the girls but very few of just Matt and I, and even fewer of all of us together!

Fortunately, when we moved to Boston, I met another photographer in the area who was looking for someone to take maternity photos for her. We arranged a swap--I'd take her maternity photos if she'd take family photos for us. I did her session back in April, and we finally got around to doing our family session a couple of weeks ago. 

We picked the Charlestown Navy Yard as our location. It's really an amazing spot full of Boston's rich history. As chance would have it, we did our session the day before hurricane Sandy hit, and got really lucky to find an hour before the winds really picked up. It was overcast, but bright outside, which made for some really great, even lighting. The girls were a little chilly but didn't let us put them down for most of the session so we all kept each other warm. The lady who photographed us suggested that she just give me the unedited files and let me edit them myself, and I agreed. you have photos taken by Amie Larson, edited by yours truly. 

I think they turned out great, really! I was worried about how the girls would be with a stranger all up in their faces for an hour, but they managed to give us a few smiles and to provide us with not-completely-sour-faces in the rest of the shots. In the very least, we now have our little family documented for the year of 2012!

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