March 18, 2013


I need to take a moment to brag on my hubby. He is beyond amazing and is definitely the glue in this family. He's loving, playful, compassionate, wise, talented, handsome, hard-working, and the best daddy in the world.The girls and I have been missing him something awful over the last week since he began traveling for work again. He'll be gone this week too, and the absence makes us appreciate the time we have with him while he's home. He makes sure to FaceTime with the girls before they go to bed, and they love giving daddy kisses on the screen. It's definitely not the same as having him at home with us though and this weekend cannot come soon enough!

He works so hard for our family, while being sick himself, and still makes time to take care of things at home. We've been house-hunting and builder-shopping and finally made a decision as to which house we're going to build. He's been taking care of loose ends with that from out-of-town while I tend to the sickies (myself included) at home. He's stayed on top of what's been happening with Olivia being extra sick this past week: we've been in-and-out of doctors offices since late last week, were set up with a nebulizer through home health, and made sure to snuggle with her during a few treatments this weekend. 

Last week, all 4 of us came down with a nasty cold. We're all still recovering, but Olivia had it the worst. After a persistent fever for 5 days, she just wasn't herself. Her appetite was diminished, she was getting dehydrated, and the poor thing's cry was heartbreaking to hear. We made a visit to her doctor's office and came home with a set-up for a nebulizer. I'm glad we have it now, I think the treatments have really been helping her. She does really well with it--we hold the mask up to her face (which has a picture of a fish-face on it) and she just sits back and snuggles in while she watches a show. Sometimes she'll reach up and hold it on herself. It's a huge improvement from our first attempt at the doctors office. She's been resting up a lot over the last few days and loves to come snuggle in mommy's bed first thing in the morning. It's so sweet and so heartbreaking all at the same time!

Sophie has stepped into a big-sister role and has been helping me take care of Olivia. She'd bring Olivia her monkey to snuggle with, or she'd get her blankie and cover her up. She'd hold her hand and say "it's okay sissy!" and she'd concede her turn to pick a show to watch in the morning. What a loving little lady I have!

I hate that we're all sick (and taking care of two sick babies while being sick has been a serious challenge) but it's been beautiful to watch these two interacting together. It's so sweet and it melts my heart! I'm definitely looking forward to us all being healthy again though!

We do manage to have some fun, even amidst all the illness. The weather last week was beautiful and we spent lots of time outside soaking up some sunlight and breathing fresh air. The girls enjoyed themselves as much as they could, being so sick, and now consistently ask to go for a walk outside. I'm so glad spring is fast-approaching!

I caught Sophie "chatting" on her "phone" this morning pretending to take notes. She must watch what I do when I get phone calls from clients--it was adorable....and slightly scary when I think about how grown up she already seems! Where did my little baby go!?

On Sunday we visited Nana and Pop-Pop's house for dinner on St. Patrick's day. The spread of green food was impressive! Kathy always outdoes herself! Sophie particularly enjoyed the green jello and between her and Jeff I think about 4 helpings were consumed. :)

Matt and I have finally made a decision on a house! We have decided to build, and have an appointment this Saturday to write our contract. Our Realtor has been great to work with so far and I'm anxious to see what he can pull off for us with the builder. We managed to keep ourselves way under our budget, which of course, makes Matt happy! We're expecting completion of the home to be somewhere around the end of September, and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to celebrate the girls 3rd birthday in our new home! We're so excited to have made this decision and to be taking this next step in our lives! The home will be built in Daybreak, so we're going to be moving to South Jordan! This will be the furthest away from my parents I will have lived (within the valley, that is) and the closest I've lived to Jeff and Kathy who also live in Daybreak. It's going to be an awesome, potentially really very highly stressful adventure, but I'm so glad this is happening for our family! And I'm really excited for our color selection appointment in a month or so too :)

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