March 5, 2013

Houses, Homes, Hooray!

My oh my, life moves so quickly doesn't it? Matt and I have begun the process of house-hunting!

Right now we think we are going to build a custom home, rather than purchasing an existing home. There's not really a reason except for the appeal of building a brand new house the way we want it--isn't that enough?

We're looking to build in Daybreak, and I've got to say, I've always loved the idea of that community, and the more I hear about it, the more excited I get to live there! I've heard that some people are turned away by how far away it is from everything and their HOA policies and things like that, but from what we know about it, it seems to have everything and more that we could possibly want in a community. (Bonus: Jeff and Kathy just moved there and so they'd be super close! Yay!)

Right now we're considering a few different builders and we've looked at what feels like 10,000 floor plans! We spent ALL day last Saturday viewing models and touring lot was exhausting! 

We've narrowed it down to a few last options, and I think we're getting close to making a decision! We're really excited, but we have definitely found this process to be exhausting and we haven't even really started yet! We'll both be so glad when it's all over! 

This is all I really have to report on all of this right now, but once we pick a home and start building I'm sure I'll share photos and posts about how crazy the whole thing is driving us. Oh boy....what are we getting ourselves into?

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