August 15, 2012

Snacks for Salt Lake

Tomorrow Matt and I are taking our two toddlers, putting them in a cab, and flying them with us on two airplanes on our way to Salt Lake City. Boy, just saying that makes me tired!

I've tried to prepare myself mentally for the challenge that this might be for all of us, (I'm hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised) and I've been preparing physically for the trip as well. I sought advice from my Facebook friends, and asked for tips on how to get through two flights and a layover with two near-two year olds. The overwhelming answer I got: snacks! Be prepared with snacks--particularly new things that they haven't gotten bored of yet.

So, a few days ago, I trekked to the grocery store and picked up almost nothing but junk food. I've made the decision that I'll allow the girls to devour evil amounts of sugar on this trip tomorrow, because, that's what you do as a parent--you stave off bad behavior with sweets. Right? 

To accomplish a successful trip, I realized I needed to put snacks into containers that we could just readily reach for and bust out since there won't be any room (or time) for dolling it all out once we reach cruising altitude. 

I ordered these cups (6, actually) from amazon. They are called snack traps and I LOVE them. The girls think they're awesome, and mommy likes them because they don't spill and only allow for little bites at a time. Since Sophie has been known to stuff her face, this was a great solution. Plus, they're totally portable!

For their snacks, I decided to go with pretzel sticks, airheads (something chewy for them to help their ears pop....yeah, we don't do gum), fruit snacks--a solid Sewell favorite, animal crackers, and mini chips ahoy cookies!

Let's get real, people, I'd LOVE to haul along some carrots, broccoli, celery, grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers instead but I'm not going to take a cooler with me as a carry on (I'll save that for my photography equipment and apple products), but I think these snack-packs are full of yumminess that will keep the girls tongues and tummies satisfied. 

We'll be sure to get them some "real food" during our layover in Chicago.

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  1. You're awesome Kare! :) Hope you travel safe and have FUN!!! Keep me posted! Can't wait to see you all!