May 1, 2012

Things I Want to Remember

Sometimes people ask what sparked my love of photography, and as much as I'd like to say that it was because God blessed me with adorable babies, or because I found the world beautiful and felt the need to capture it, the honest truth is that I am terrified of forgetting things about my life (not that those other reasons aren't true). The idea of not being able to remember little details about those that I've loved, and about myself, things that I did in my life, and things that made me happy, is one of my worst fears. So, to overcome this fear...or maybe to just give myself some piece of mind, since that fear never actually seems to go away, I take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Thankfully the good Lord has blessed me with a talent that allows me to provide this service for others, but I make sure to apply it in my own life as well. As a mom, my focus is always on my girls, and they do so many things every day that I never want to forget. I try to keep them as little as possible but I swear, every night that I put my little babies down to sleep I wake up in the morning to big, grown up girls. 

So for now, here's my list (of things happening currently) of things that I want to remember about my silly little girlies:

I'll start off with a two-for-one here and list Olivia's piggies and the way she sits on her ball and bounces.

Olivia's crusty looks (because she gets them from mommy)

Sophie's chubby face when she has too much food in her mouth

The way Olivia leans on everything from the sofa to the coffee table to her sissy (sissy doesn't like that....)

The joy they get from experiencing life's simplest things--watching cookies bake! This was the first time they'd ever seen cookies in the oven as I usually wait until they are asleep to bake A) to keep them from screaming for cookies and B) because it's hard to maneuver your way around a kitchen with two kids hanging off your legs/hips/arms.

The silly pictures I find on my phone after Sophie has gotten ahold of it...

Their smiles that come from playing in the sand at the park--they love it so much, and not even my hatred of dirt and gritty things can deter me from allowing them to do anything that makes them smile so sweetly!

How much they love being in the bath tub! 

(This video: Their faces when they splash in the tub)

Their complete obsession with bubbles (we have to hide the bubbles after they've been distracted so that we can put them away for a while and have some peace!)

Their tippy-toes!

How cute it is when they wipe their mouths (this video is after brushing their teeth but they do this after they have a drink or eat a snack too)

Their first haircut! I did them on separate nights, and it took everything I had in me not to cry when I was done--they're just so grown up already!

How much they love to read their books and how sweet they look when they come rushing out of their room with one in hand, plop down on the floor, throw it open and start jabbering away.

aaaaaaaaaand last but not least: the unbelievably gigantic messes that two people who are so small are capable of making! Featured here: Tonight's disaster of a spilled box of baking soda! It took a broom, vacuum, and  a mop to clean this up!

And just in case I didn't already know who the culprit was, there was a nice little footprint left to erase any doubt. <3

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  1. I've seen these awesome little bubble machines that blow them and Matt wouldn't have to. Oh and I never noticed how much bigger than Olivia Sofie is. and i've never told you that I'm very jealous of you getting twins! it is my dream to have twins, i cried at my second ultrasound when the dr. told me it wasn't twins. silly me.

    Erica (Low) Alvey