April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

There was a lot about Easter this year that was special for me. The girls were finally old enough to enjoy this holiday to some capacity, and so Matt and I took full advantage of that. It is so much fun to see how excited they get when they are able to do new things! We didn't color eggs--we'll save that for next year! But, the Easter Bunny definitely made a stop at the Sewell house and the girls woke up to lots of colorful excitement.

I have tried to upload the video that Matt shot of that morning's adventure here several times, but it is refusing to allow me, so here's the link to the video on Facebook (and if this doesn't work, you can just find it on my page or Matt's page...I promise it's worth the dig!) 


Naturally, I took a bunch of photos of the eggs in their hiding places and of the girls running around loading them into their baskets. (I apologize for the graininess of these photos, somehow the ISO setting on my camera got thrown out of whack. It has since been adjusted though, I just wish I had realized it before the opportunity had passed. Oh well! Grainy pictures are better than nothing!)

The Easter Bunny laid out their baskets by their bedroom door, but instead of placing all of their candy-filled eggs inside, he scattered them all over the living room! Each of the girls got a book in their basket and a chocolate bunny, but had to go around and hunt for their eggs!

The hiding places...
On the bar stools underneath the counter top

On top of the drawer handles in the kitchen...

On the sofa cushions...

On the window sills and the coffee table...

Amongst the DVD's...

On the entertainment unit...

 On top of the end table...

On the bookshelf....one of the girl's favorite hiding spots for their own toys!

On the dining room chairs...

They did a great job of putting the eggs into the baskets!

 Sophie was so eager to grab them all!

She found quite a bit!

This photo makes me laugh because this egg was right near eye-level for her and she kept walking right on by! Once she figured out it was there, she had quite the go of getting all of them down at once!

We were invited to Joni's and Laura's for Easter lunch and I made deviled eggs. So, yes, I found these on Pinterest. What can I say? I love love love Pinterest! 

Those were the only photos that I managed to nab pertaining to our lunch that day. Joni organized an egg hunt in their back yard, and the 5 kids who were there just went nuts! The girls did very well for themselves, and the kids ended up pooling their eggs and candy (the girls went home with some bunny ears and their cute baskets that Aunt Joni got for them--mommy and daddy said they had enough candy from the Easter Bunny at home!)

Once we were home, the girls, who napped briefly in the car on the way to and from Aunt Joni's, were in a great mood. We found these Easter hats at Target for $1 and we couldn't resist! The girls actually love wearing them, and it made for some super cute photos!

That's M & M dye on her face, although she did have marker stains all over her hands from church that morning too! Luckily, none of either got on their dresses.

Mommy decided to try on the Easter hat...it didn't quite fit :)

The girls love giving "sissy kisses" now! It just melts me each time!

Sophie is such a daddy's girl...

Matt says that the girls won't remember this Easter, even though they enjoyed themselves, and even though I know that's true, I do think they'll enjoy looking back on this post and seeing what they were like at this age. I know I will!

It was definitely a fun and exciting day, and all of us were absolutely exhausted by the evening!

Easter has a special significance for me (not that the resurrection of Jesus isn't significant enough on its own...). I was baptized on Easter Sunday when I was 9 years old, so I had my 15th "birthday", if you will, this past Sunday. It's funny, I often feel like a teenager when it comes to my relationship with Christ. Without getting into gruesome details, I often feel rebellious, detached and uncommunicative toward God, and most days are still a great struggle to find myself in Him again. But, with Sean's passing, I have been comforted by the assurance I have from Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection that I will one day see Sean again. I'd like to go on more about this, but I'm having trouble expressing myself in words today. 

For now, I'll leave you all with these pictures and I hope that your Easters were as special and memory-filled as mine was!


  1. I love how the Easter eggs were set out so nice and neat and symmetrical. :) Your girls are adorable. Also, I agree, it is so wonderful to know that Christ's sacrifice provides a way to see our loved ones again.

  2. I think the picture of Sophie with the flying hair says it all! The pictures are darling and I just have to borrow the one of the girls in their Easter hats kissing! You're so great about capturing all these precious moments!